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Bianchi and Devinci Grill

From blueprints to best-in-class bikes, Devinci’s lineup is a testament to industry growth, as well as an ironclad commitment to craftsmanship. Innovation underscores that mission. And bikes that inspire are the bottom line. Wherever your two-wheeled zeal meanders this season, the bike is a function of varying perceptions. At Devinci, that means more mountains mastered. Cities explored. Singletracks mapped and lapped. Finish lines crossed. Podiums stomped. And, thanks to constant eye on what bikes can do for you, a seamless symmetry between operator and machine.”


for all rides and riders.


We are proud to stock Bianchi , Devinci, Raleigh and Diamondback Bicycles.


 Waterford Precision Cycles and Gunnar Bikes.  True one of a kind bicycles are special order.


We also offer All-City, Ritchey, Velo-Orange and Surly Bicycles.


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Over 130 years ago in a small bicycle shop in Milan, Italy, located on a street named Via Nirone, a 21-year-old cyclist named Edoardo Bianchi started a journey into the production bicycle market. To this day, Bianchi Bicycles stands for evolutionary, small batch production bicycles which offer unique European styling and flair for it's user. From the urban commuter to the weekend racer- Bianchi Bicycles has you covered!

We Also Offer

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Long a respected name on the pavement, today’s Raleighs maintain their classic style in our ever-changing world. The All Steel Bicycle has evolved to include aluminum and carbon fiber, but every bike we make is still worthy of the iconic heron on its head badge.

Since 1978, the Diamondback brand name has been synonymous with precision, durability and integrity. Likewise, it should be no surprise to know that these are our core values which inform the design and production of each and every one of our bikes. From the top down, everything we build evolves from these values. Everything we stand for is embedded in who we are.


Diamondback is a company unafraid of blazing its own trail.  We are Diamondback… DB4L.

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