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"After many years of self bike fitting, I started experiencing saddle pain and signed up for a reasonably-priced fit session.  The process was simple and insightful, and used my own bike and cycling shorts.  After a series of bio-mechanic measurements, the staff entered my data into a fit program to ensure I was riding the correct sized frame.  After that step, I rode my bike on the stationary trainer while the staff observed my pedaling style and position.  A series of incremental adjustments to the three contact points (saddle, feet and hands) yielded a far more comfortable and powerful position.  For many years, I was simply seated too high and too far back.  The staff also measured my saddle width and Jeff recommended a modern saddle with firm padding and this has suited me since.  Best of all, I was able to record and transfer the bike fit measurements and apply them approximately to my other bikes.


I highly recommend a bike-fitting.  It's the most cost-effective way to improve your comfort, endurance and performance.  Thanks  Jeff"


-Alain B

Shape Shifters Wellness Studio announces new Classes/Workshops


Now Available:

• 75 minute Shiatsu Treatment customized to your individual needs- $100

• Couples Shiatsu Workshop: Learn the technique to move CHI through the meridians in this valuable 2.5 hour workshop! A gift to last a lifetime! Partners will learn to give (and receive) a one hour guided acupressure massage treatment that will be effective and relaxing- $100 per couple

Physical Therapy for cyclists covered by insurance-call to inquire. If you're experiencing aches/ pains due to cycling, (or otherwise) you can get P T covered with Bike Fit.  Call for details / appointments.

Join Now:

• Yoga for Cyclists - TBA Crosstrain your body and mind with $100 (discounted) for 8 classes. Call for dates/times

• Join our Spinal Stabilization Class- Pilates on exercise ball is fun and challenging. Build your core for better balance, posture, endurance, and body mechanics!!! A great class for anyone, but especially those with neck or back pain. Led by Ellen Driscoll, PT on Saturdays 1-2 pm.


GET A BIO-MECHANICAL BIKE FIT today. Call Shape Shifters at the CYCLE MILL for details/scheduling."